When do I start my course?
When you pay, you automatically get registered with access to the
course via the portal. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do that here.

How long does the course take?

Once you register, you’ll have access to the course for two months
within which time you are expected to have completed the course and
taken the test.

You can work through the lessons at your own rate, and revisit ones that
you found useful on the site by selecting the module.

What format does the courses take?

We use a number of channels for taking classes. Apart from controlling
your own learning time online, we have scheduled interactive virtual
classes are taken by an instructor as well as face-to-face classes depending
on the particular course.

How do I get my certificates?
After completion of the course, you will have to take the test. Once you
pass the tests, you can make a certificate request by sending an email
to info@icspghana.com

How do I search for a specific course?
You can navigate through each category or enter the course name in the
search area.

Would I be able to download the course?
Courses on this portal are not downloadable except for learning
resources. You can always log onto the portal as many times as
necessary within your allowable accessible time of two months.

Can I invite a friend or colleague to visit the website and join the
Yes, you can invite as many friends or colleagues as you like, Just email
this link to them …….

My name has been spelled incorrectly on my account. Is this
This will mean that your certificates will be issued in the incorrect name.
If you want your name correctly issued on your certificate, you’ll have to
make the necessary changes before certificates are issued.

I want to start the course again, how can I do that?
Once the course time lapses, you would have to pay to have access to
the course again.
I no longer want to take the course and I would like my money
There is no refund of the course once you register unless there’s a
problem from our side that prevents you from taking the course.